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You seem so far, from what I have known
Your in your car, I wish I could go home
You think your a star, but your just alone
You can hide the truth.

Fade into darkness, grey clouds of rain 
Eat away pain, I know its insane 

What do you do, when its just you 
Struggle for breath, with no one to blame 

With blue skies above, and no one to love 
Your wasting your time, your eyes feeling blind 

How do you learn, to let go of the past 
Who can you turn to, who can you ask 

Why is it so strong, its bringing you down 
Feeling you fall, and hitting the ground 

Maybe its you, why do you run 
Into the cold, go out in the sun 

Who do you see, clear as the day 
Walking away, why wont they stay 

So close but far, so out of reach 
Into the light, where is your star 

Never come back, they're fading away 
Lost in the black, but you have to stay 

Who even cares, when they just stare 
But sometimes they dont, and your not even there 

Where will you go, what do you say 
Walk through the rain, cut through a vain 

Precious red wine, deep and unkind 
Your wasting your life, You'll run out of time 

Throwing the knife, square in the back 
Passing the door, and so many more 

Crushing the dice, feel cold as ice 
Walking on glass, your wearing a mask 

Knowing your right, but saying your wrong 
Your hitting your head, but too numb to care


nobody sees 
nobody cares 
awake but asleep 
nothing to keep 

turning to stone 
but not unknown 
feeling the strain 
from hiding the pain

feel the blood drain 
onto the floor                      watch as it stains 
then washed by the rain 
                                                  clouds turn to white
feel your in flight
up in the sky 
flying so high 
                                                  into the sun
Who do you want to be
You could be me
Find your true self
Then maybe you'll see

I see your pain, 
 cant hide it from me 
I feel the same, 
 but you'll never see 
Time teaches well, 
 Its easy to smile 
They dont understand, 
 wont even try 
They say your all wrong, 
 get help 
What would they know, 
 cold, uncaring and selfish 

You just want someone to 

They dont know you, 
 but I do 


Can I look through your eyes and see what you see
Does your heart beat the same as mine 
Let me heal your pain, give in to me 
Dont be lost, I know the way 
Open the door and let me into your soul 
I can release you from your chains 


My head feels heavy 
 all movements are slow 
My brain is coloured 
 by thoughts of sleep and dream 

The world passes by 
 separate from my new reality 
Unsettling disorentation threatens 
 to invade my mind 

Pillowy clouds above 
 a constant reminder of my lost rest


Blow away 
Into the night breeze 
Black as a midnight 
On the winters air 

Fly away 
Into the moonlight 
Cut through the storm clouds 
Without a care 

For anyone anywhere 

Just when I thought 
You loved me 
Your blades of grass 
Cut me 

Deep in my soul 

You race my heart beat 
And bet against me 
You fix the contests 
And deal all the bad hands

You lie and abuse me 
I was blinded 
By your falseness 
And Captive to your words 

You spoke so gently 
Calm and soothing 
Melting me to water 
With your steel grey eyes 

Fall from high above 
Without protection 
Dont expect me to nurse you 
I'd rather send you to hell 

Let the breeze take you 
Far from my doorstep 
Into the starless blackness 
Never to return

06/03/96 - 1:25am  

The wind blows through me  
gently cooling my skin  
the darkness a wrap  
that comforts me   
when your not here  

The moon looks down on me
like a caring guardian  
each star a memory  
of time spent together  

The world is breathing  
I feel its heart beating  
with a constant sighing  
that where far apart 

06/03/96 - 11:30pm  

I see you in the street  
You pass me by without a word

deep in thought  

You only see me   
when you want something  
Here to do as you bid me  

When will you really see me  
standing infront of you  
sometimes I could just scream  

When will you notice me  
what will it take  
I am not a machine 

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